Wednesday, February 11, 2015

DIY Resin Jewelry - The Basics!

Hey cupcakes!! :) Today I will be teaching you how to make your own jewelry with resin! I recently began using resin after I got some for Christmas and it is super fun to use! The jewelry items you can make with resin are endless, and you can save money by making those jewelry pieces on your wishlist all by yourself!
These are just the VERY basic instructions for using resin, but trial and error is the best way to create wonderful pieces. :) embrace your creativity!!!!!!

Here is what you will need:

-Resin of some sort (I got EasyCast off of Amazon)

-Cup to mix it in
-Popsicle stick to mix it with
-Lighter or match
-Mold or bezels 


1. Mix the resin and the hardener in the cup with the Popsicle stick according to the instructions for your resin! Each resin is different so be careful!!!!

2. Pour the resin into your mold (sprayed with Pam) or bezel. 

3. If you are using a mold, the front of the jewelry item is on the BOTTOM, but if you use a bezel you are looking at the front. Fill with whatever you would like to complete the piece (stickers, glitter, trinkets, metal charms, paint colors, etc)

4. Swipe the flame of a lighter over the piece to get rid of bubbles.

5. Let it set for however long the instructions tell you. (EasyCast is 24 hours)

6. If in a mold, remove by putting in freezer for a few minutes and then pulling them out. 

7. Attach a bail or eyepin with E-6000 glue to create the charm. 

8. You can then enjoy the charm or dome the back by adding another batch of resin on the back of the charm. Enjoy!

If you would like me to do more posts on resin, comment below! Look at more inspiration on YouTube for many more tutorials! :) 


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