Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What's in my Purse!

Hey cupcakes! Today I will be showing you guys what is in my purse! I've seen lots of YouTubers do this, so why not have some bloggers do it as well?
My purse is from the brand Rosetti, and it is a nice black cross body (LINK HERE). I'm not really one for designer handbags, so I like to purchases simple purses that will match almost any outfit. This one is especially nice because you can adjust the strap to be a cross body or just a normal purse.

What is in my purse:
  • My wallet (DUH) - it contains my license, debit card, gift cards, and money
  • Keys - My key chain contains my house key and my car key
  • Lip balm - I always need lip balm when I am on the go! 
  • Mirror - for occasional makeup, hair, and teeth checks
  • Lotion - my hands get really dry (especially now since it is the winter) so this is very handy
  • Hand sanitizer - I always use this before I eat 
  • Granola bar or other snack - I always bring a snack with me if I'm hungry on the go!
  • Feminine products - Just in case! :P
That is about it! What do you have in your purse? Comment below! 

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