Saturday, March 7, 2015

How to Get Perfect Winged Eyeliner

How to Get Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Hey, cupcakes! Most every girl wants to know how to get perfect winged/cat eye eyeliner, so here are a few of my tips! I just recently mastered the winged eyeliner, so I will tell you my best strategies for getting the perfect look! Enjoy! :)
  1.  Use a pen liquid eyeliner (like the one pictured above). These are by far the easiest to use!
  2. Line your eye as usual. I normally line my eye before attempting the wing.
  3. Create the wing - Use the middle image as a guide! I find the first step easiest if you pull the corner of your eye up towards your eyebrow; this creates a nice winged line to follow! 
  4. If you mess up, use a Q-tip to take the makeup off and try again! Practice makes perfect!!!
I hope you enjoyed this post! Comment below if you have any other tips!!!! :) <3 <3


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