Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mall Haul!

Hey cupcakes!!!! :) Today I have a super awesome mall haul for you guys! I hope you enjoy!

-The first thing I bought was a black floral skirt from Charlotte Russe... It was only $10!
-The second thing I found was the Precisso Beauty Blending Sponge (I did a review on this!) at Kohl's. It was on sale for $4.50.
-I also picked up a super cute purple bra at Kohl's, but I don't think I really need to post a picture of my undergarments :P it was only $7.20!!!

-I then picked up this adorable stripe shirt from Rue21 for only $2!!!!! Great deal!

-I picked up a green scarf and a bow set from Forver 21 for a total of $16
-I bought a pair of white canvas shoes at Walmart (not in the mall but I'll include it anyway) for $6
I hope you enjoyed my haul!!!!!! :)


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