Wednesday, April 15, 2015

My Two Literary Role Models

Hey cupcakes!!!!!!!! This will be a slightly different post today, and I will be discussing my two literary role models I had while growing up. I love to read, and the women in books inspired me as a child to be the best I could be in my life. There were princesses and heroes and wonderful women who taught me to never give up on myself, believe in myself, and succeed in whatever I attempted to do.

1. Hermione Granger from Harry Potter - This might not be a shock to many people, because Hermione Granger is a role model for a lot of kids today. Not only is she incredibly smart, she proves to the young child what hard work can do for you. She has a good heart, and she does what is right in all the conflicts that arise in the book series. She is also extremely pretty, which taught me that it was better to be smart and pretty than just smart OR pretty. I looked up to Hermione as a child because she was like me; we both had curly brown hair, we both could be know it alls at times, and we both were good kids who love our family and friends. Hermione is the ultimate symbol of girl power. I still believe that J.K. Rowling did an amazing job with Hermione's character, and I hope that other young girls find her as inspiring as I did. :) <3
2. Jenna Heap from Septimus Heap - Septimus Heap is more well-known in the UK than the US, but it was my favorite book series growing up. This series focuses on the seventh son of the seventh son and all of his adventures in a magical world. Princess Jenna is one of few main women characters in the books, and she is super inspiring. Almost all of the other characters are magical, but Jenna must do things without magic because she does not possess magical qualities. Her perseverance and wit during conflicts totally screams girl power, and her love towards the Heaps (even though they aren't here real family) teaches the reader that you should always put family first. The just way she rules her town shows how kind she is, and she puts the needs of others first before thinking about herself. Jenna was a huge inspiration to me as a child because against all odds, she becomes an amazing Queen. 
I hope you guys enjoyed this different post today! Would you like me to do more random posts like this? Comment below!!!!!!! :) 

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