Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Converse: The All Star Shoes!

Hey cupcakes! Today I wanted to do a post dedicated to one of America's favorite shoes: Converse! :D These shoes are everywhere and have been in style for so so soooo long! Purchasing a nice classic pair of Converse is something you will not regret! I made a lookbook of four different ways to style the classic black Converse.... Enjoy! :) <3
Style 1 - To create a girly look with your Converse, wear a super cute skirt and shirt combo and then throw on some Converse! :)

Style 2 - Go super chill with your fav jeans, shirt, headband, and Converse shoes! Easy yet so cute for school!

Style 3 - This look is mega casual... Put on some sweats, your fav sweatshirt, and your fav hat! If you are late to school, etc. this look is for you! ;)

Style 4 - Converse can actually be used for formal occasions! With a showstopping body con dress, these shoes won't make your feet hurt like heels would! :P

How do you style Converse shoes? Comment below and don't forget to follow! <3 :D Have a spectacular day!

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