Thursday, May 5, 2016

My Experience: Freshman Year of College!

Hey cupcakes! :) My Freshman year of college is OVER! :'( I can't believe I have already completed one whole year of college! It went by so fast!
I haven't done a "My Experience" post in quite some time, so I thought I would write about my experience as a Freshman for all of my followers who are about to go off to college! :D I hope you enjoy!

Throughtout my Freshman year, I have learned many things from the good (and unfortunately bad) experiences I have had...

1. College is way harder than high school - If you actually want to get a high GPA (or plan on applying to grad school, etc.), you will need to work hard and put in the time! It isn't impossible but sometimes you might have to miss some social activities to do well on an important test.

2. The key to adjusting to college is: BALANCE - With school work, a job, social activities, and extracurriculars, you need to find the perfect balance that allows you to succeed in all the aspects of your college life. In my experience, I recommend starting off the year in only one extracurricular and then after you succeed in balancing school, friends, etc. you can join more if you have time/want to! :) It is way more rewarding to be super involved in one student organization than barely participating in 4 or 5!

3. There will always be people who work way less hard but do amazing - This is obnoxious as heck but learning to just accept this will allow you to focus on your own work and succeed yourself. :)

4. People are annoying - College is college. There will be annoying roommates, loud people partying until the wee hours of the morning, and jerky professors. BUT, learning to just cope with these types of people will ease some stress and allow you to be more positive in your college experience.

5. Stress is REAL - College is honestly the most stressed I've ever felt. If you are an overachiever like me, you will start the year by putting wayyyy too much pressure on yourself. As the year went on, I realized that an exam is just an exam, an A- is not the end of the world, etc. Learning to put less pressure and stress on yourself is a must in college if you want a healthy body and mind! <3

6. The Freshman 15 is a thing but doesn't HAVE to be! - I gained no weight this year because I kept eating exactly like I did in high school. If you pig out all the time and drink a lot, then yes, the Freshman 15 is a real thing. BUT, it can be avoided!!!!

7. You will be peer pressured - Whether this be for drinking, sex, drugs, etc. you need to just stick with your beliefs. There will be people just like you, don't worry! Finding friends that have similar morals than you can create friendships that will last for forever. :D

Perfect response ;)
8. Finals week is honestly not that bad - Midterms week is rough because you have to study AND go to class. BUT, finals week you only have to study because classes are over! This gives you a TON of time to study, so there is plenty of time for stress relieving activities and fun things to do before you head home :)

9. Moving in/out is the WORST (so try to underpack!!) - Sweating and moving in/out all your crap is honestly the worst part of college (to me at least)- lol. I suggest leaving half of your clothes at home and bringing only the essentials of everything. Trust me, next year I will be bringing probably a third of what I brought this time!

10. You will learn to be an adult - Honestly, it is scary that first week when you are in a whole new place all by yourself. But, you mature really fast in college! You will learn how to survive on your own, and it gives you confidence for your years after graduation.

11. Your family is EVERYTHING - After going to college you realize just how important family is. Make sure you call them and go home for a few weekends because they will miss you a lot! Not only is college a huge adjustment for you, it is a huge adjustment for your family as well <3

12. It is OKAY to not know what you want to do for your major/career - Trust me, your first year of college is a great way to explore interests you have! I have taken some pretty awesome classes in topics I would have normally never even thought about! :)

13. College WILL be the best years of your life - Everyone always told me this, and after one year, I can say that they are right. College is amazing. The bad days, the good memories, the classes, the late night study sessions, everything is just perfect! I wouldn't change it for the world <3
Tom Felton agrees :P
What did you experience during your Freshman year of college? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to follow! :D <3


  1. 3, 5, 6, 11, 13-- YES GIRL!!! :) Congrats on first year :D

    Katie |

  2. I kept telling myself that I wouldn't bring as much with me each year, but it was always a lie, haha. But! It can work better if you bring things gradually and take things home gradually. Those shorts that were necessary at the beginning of the year can usually go home after October, after all!

    My biggest realisation was that if you don't do the work you can't hide behind all the others that didn't do the work like you can in high school, haha. There WILL be discussions the day you don't have your shit together ;)


    1. I totally agree :P Thanks for stopping by!

  3. One of the hardest things for me was finding balance and not stressing :) Congrats on finishing your first year!


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