Friday, May 20, 2016

Review: Neoprene Bikini ft. Imilan Dupe

Hey cupcakes! Summer is finally here, which means many people buy new swimsuits for the warm months up ahead. A few months ago, I was searching through Amazon trying to figure out something to buy with some gift card money I had... I ended up finding a bikini that looked like the popular Neoprene bikinis that are pretty much EVERYWHERE..... For example:
This comes from the Triangl brand
This comes from Rue21 and is a fake Neoprene fabric
As well as these two examples, brands like Victoria Secret have these same style bikinis and they just seem to be everywhere I look in the mall. So, after finding a Neoprene bikini dupe on Amazon, I just had to buy it! 
Link: HERE

The bikini I purchased is from the brand Imilan and is made of actual Neoprene material. There were over ten different colors to choose from, but I decided to buy the Rose Red one:
The swimsuit itself was only $11.48 and with shipping and tax, the total was $16.96. I thought that this was a decent price (if the swimsuit was actually Neoprene!), so I waited until my package arrived.

My Thoughts

I personally think this bikini is great! The fabric definently feels like Neoprene, and it is actually high quality for being so cheap! The color is exactly like the one in the picture, and the sizing ran true to what the size chart said (I ordered a small and it fits perfectly!). The shipping did not take long at all (maybe about one to two weeks), and I really love the swimsuit! The straps are removeable and the back clasp seems really sturdy. 

The only thing I don't really like about this prodcut is that there is a little too much padding in the bikini top. But, the padding is removable, so I can just take it out! :) 

Overall, I would recommend purchasing this bikini for the summer months! It is a cheaper version of the much more expensive trendy Neoprene swimsuit, so I would give it a shot! I think it is a great fashion dupe! :D 

Have you ever tried a Neoprene swimsuit? Comment below your thoughts and don't forget to follow! :D <3

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