Saturday, June 25, 2016

DIY: Inspirational Canvas Paintings

Hey cupcakes! Today I wanted to do a really fun DIY that I have been obsessing over lately. :) This is so easy and quick, but if you put in a lot of time they can turn out amazinggggg! Let's get started!

  • Some sort of canvas - These can be either the flat panels that can be found for really cheap at Walmart, etc. or the more expensive canvases that can be found at any craft store. Both can work for this DIY!
  • Paint - You can choose any type that works best on the canvas (I love using watercolors)
  • Pencil - I enjoy using pencil to trace out my canvases before I paint
  • Sharpie - After tracing in pencil, I also like to outline with Sharpie for nice black lines :)
  • A quote or other inspirational idea - SEARCH PINTEREST!!!! You can find some really amazing canvas ideas, but feel free to create your own!
  • Some type of newspaper 

1. Find your quote/inspiration! :) 

2. Cover the surface you will be painting on

3. Outline your quote and drawings in pencil, then go over it with Sharpie.

4. Erase the pencil marks and start painting!!!!!

5. Let dry and enjoy! :)

What did you paint? Comment below and don't forget to follow! :D 


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