Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Movie Review: Finding Dory

Release date: June 17, 2016

Rating: PG

When they released the news that there would be a sequel to Finding Nemo, I was totally excited (but really skeptical) for it. It seems like the sequels of Disney movies are either super duper awesome or super duper disappointing, so I was worried they would ruin Finding Nemo. When the movie was released and got really good reviews, I wanted to see this film as soon as I could! So, my boyfriend and I decided to see it recently.

First of all, the short before the movie ("Piper") was so so soooooooo cute!!!!!! It was really well done! The animation is astounding, and it looked so realistic.

The movie itself was, unfortunately, kind of a let down.... :/ I thought they did a good job of mixing the storyline of Finding Nemo with the new plot, but too much of the movie seemed like it was just redoing the original. There were some great new characters introduced, and I don't think Finding Dory ruined the first movie, but I wish they would have thought of a more creative plotline.
Bonus points for the cute otters!!! :D
Plus, I feel like the animators were trying to get across subtle points about pollution, mental illnesses, etc. that don't really seemed to fit with the Finding Nemo everyone has grown to love. All in all, I would still recommend seeing this movie, but it wasn't the best movie I've seen the past few weeks.

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  1. Haven't watched it yet, but I will soon :)
    there are lots of cute characters as I saw and Ellen is the voice of Dory so... :)
    xo Honey
    Royal Lifestyle

  2. Great review

    Love Vikee


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