Sunday, July 31, 2016

Things That Keep Me Happy in a "Mean" World

From terrorist attacks and shootings to ISIS and bombings, the world has seemed extra scary these past few months. It seems like whenever I go on Facebook or watch the news there is more coverage of another horrible event that has killed innocent people from all over the globe. It just isn't right. My heart goes out to those impacted by these events, and I've been struggling to have faith in our world these past few weeks. I thought today I would make a post about the things that make me happy and positive in the midst of troubled times... I hope these inspire you to stay happy and hopeful in a time that can be quite dark <3 I love you all!

1. Laughter - I try to laugh as much as I can! Even when times are rough, smiling and laughing can improve my mood super fast. Try to laugh as often as you can because it will give you a happier view of the world :)
And hey, you might as well die laughing if you can! ;)
2. Stickers - I find joy in really small things (but I think that can be a really good thing at times!)... including stickers! I love to collect really adorable ones for crafts and my planner, so looking at all the amazing stickers out there makes me really happy :D

3. Positivity - In a world that seems so mean and scary, it is essential to focus on the light and not the dark. The news seems to only talk about the bad things that are happening, but believe it or not, there are just as many good things happening!!! I try to focus on only the positive things, and this helps me stay happy.

4. Old movies - When I'm really down about the world or situtations in my life, I love to watch my favorite old movies. These include Disney movies, The Princess Bride, The Princess Diaries, etc. They can always cheer me up! :)

5. Reading - Sometimes you need to get sucked into another world when our reality seems like a mess. <3

6. Spending time with those I love - Talking to family and friends will always make you happier!!!! No matter the situation, the people you love will always be there for you <3

7. Living every day like it will be my last - This may sound dark, but I try to make every day count. Instead of watching tv all day, etc. I attempt to make every day as amazing as it can be! :)

8. Love - Self love, relationships, etc. all fit into this category. It is so important to show love to everyone around you so that peace and joy can be spread throughout the world <3 It is also important to trust God and His love for you!
Come on everyone; spread the love!
9. Food - I'm a foodie, so food will always make me happy! I love trying new things and cooking new recipes.... This makes me cheerful on even the gloomiest days.

10. Memories - No matter how dark a day may be, looking back on photos, scrapbooks, old videos, etc. allows me to remember all the amazing memories I have created throughout my life. I totally recommend this if you need a quick pick me up :)

What do you do to keep yourself happy??? Comment below and don't forget to follow! :D 

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