Thursday, September 8, 2016

Fall Fashion Trends 2016

Hey cupcakes! I don't know if it was this bad where you live, but where I live, our summer was SO hot! I was in the 90s pretty much everyday (and it normally isn't that hot in the Midwest)... I am really looking forward to the fall weather now, so I thought I would create a fashion post about all of the upcoming fall trends for autumn 2016! Let's get started! :D

1. Bomber jackets: I have been seeing so many cute jackets for the fall-time! I love bomber jackets, and you can find them in so many awesome styles and colors!
Image result for bomber jacket army green
I'm personally on the hunt for an army green one! 
2. Off the shoulder: I have been seeing so many off the shoulder shirts lately... I personally am not a fan of these (they are uncomforable!), but I know of lots of people who love them!

Image result for off the shoulder top

3. Bohemian: While doing my school shopping, I saw a lot of dresses and shirts inspired by the Bohemian look! So many cute florals and flowy things; they are so cute and perfect for cooler weather!
I love this dress!

4. "Vintage" band tees: While graphic tees never seem to be out of style, I have seen so many "vintage" style tees in stores (even my school's apparel store has vintage style things). I love the look of vintage shirts, so I am all over this trend! :)

5. Bodysuits: I have seen these EVERYWHERE! While I personally will never wear them, I wanted to include them in this trend post because if you are into them, wear them! :D

6. Kimonos: I love cardigans, shrugs, jackets, etc. so I am in love with kimonos! They are perfect for the beginning of fall when it can still be super hot! 

This list only mentions a few of the trends for the season so there are plenty more trends to go around! What are your favorite trends for fall 2016? Comment below and don't forget to follow! :D <3


  1. I'd love to wear a body suit but I have self-esteem problems so I don't haha.
    and I love kimonos! I only have one but it's one of my favorite pieces :)

    xo Honey - Royal Lifestyle

    1. I love kimonos too and I need to buy more! And I totally feel you on the body suit thing... I just can't get myself to buy one :P


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