Monday, September 26, 2016

My Five Fav Fall Hairstyles

Hey cupcakes! The cooler weather is starting to come in, and I am so excited to enjoy the fall-time! :D Fall is my favorite season, and I love all of the colors and all of the awesome things that come with the season (apple orchards, pumpkin spice, etc.)... This includes hairstyles! Nothing makes me more excited to actually start doing fun things with my hair instead of just throwing it in a ponytail to avoid it getting humidified and to keep myself cool. :) Here are my fav fall hairstyles, enjoy!

1. "Mildly" curly
Image result for mildly curly hair
I barely ever wear my hair down in the summer because it totally frizzes :P In the fall time I love to put in some Aussie Scrunch hairspray and allow my hair to show its curly natural self! My hair is awesomely naturally curly, so this hairdo requires like no time at all! :)
Image result for scrunch hairspray

2. Beanie
Image result for fall beanie

Wearing a beanie in the fall is so trendy and cute! You can wear your hair down, in a braid, in a low ponytail, anything you feel like! <3

3. Half up Half down
Image result for half up half down hairstyle

Whether you want to put half your hair in a ponytail, half in a braid, half in a bun, or half twisted, wearing your hair "half up half down" is such a cute look! Plus, it can be relatively quick for school :)

4. Braided bun
Image result for braided bun

I love to put my hair in a high pony, braid it, then wrap it up in a bun for a really quick and cute hairstyle! :) You can add a fall bow or headwrap for an adorable look to bring in the fall! 

5. Low ponytail
Image result for low ponytail

Contrast to the high ponytails I wear a lot in the summer, I love wearing low ponytails in the fall. With the longer hair you can curl it, straighten it, etc. or even wear the ponytail to the side (or maybe even pigtails)! So cute and simple! 

What is your favorite hairstyle to rock in the fall? Comment below and don't forget to follow! :D


  1. I can do all of these, but number 3 is a big no no for me haha
    if there's a half ponytail, half braid, that's all ok, but a half bun looks so weird to me :)

    xo Honey - Royal Lifestyle

    1. Haha I guess thick hair makes it work for me :P

  2. CUTE! :)

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