Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Ultimate Guide to Managing Stress!

Hey cupcakes! School is upon us which means some of us (or all of us!) are going to start dealing with good old stress and anxiety. Instead of totally freaking out
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(like Sheldon here!)
there are many different ways to manage the stresses that come from life. I decided to make a whole post devoted to how I deal with stress and how you too can deal with it! :D Let's get started!

Where does stress come from? 
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For me, stress comes from my college courses (and the exams and assignments) as well as my job and my extracurricular activites. I am mostly stressed when I am super busy or have a lot to do in one week. This of course makes midterms and finals week a large bundle of stress for me!
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*For more tips on how to survive the stress that is finals week, check out my post HERE! :) *'

What can you do to prevent stress?
Sometimes it can be really hard to prevent stress from happening. I think it is normal to get stressed out over things in your life! But, if you want to prevent yourself from getting super duper stressed out, I would suggest making sure all of the things you do are spread out over the semester. Don't have a ton of extracurriclar activities on the same week as two exams and a big event at work, etc. Make sure you have enough time to just relax!!!

How can you tell if you are stressed?
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When this happens... haha jk
For me, a lot of things let me know I'm stressed out. For one, I feel really overhelmed and am frantically trying to beat the clock. I also sometimes feel tired and depressed if I'm really stressed out. The feeling of being stressed is different for everyone, so pay attention to your body!!

What can you do to get less stressed?
When you're stressed you might feel like there is nothing you can do about it but that is totally not the case! Here are my best tips for easily reducing stress in your life:

1. Take a look at all the things that you are doing. If one isn't that important to you (or takes up too much time) such as a club, part-time job, or even a relationship, I suggest dropping it for the time being. If you get less busy later on you can always go back to it, and your health is the most important thing for you!

2. Add time in your schedule (no matter how busy) for a social life!!! If you have a good support network of family and friends, they can help you relax when you are stressed! :)

3. Find a hobby that lets you take your mind away from life. I personally love to draw whenever I am stressed because it makes me forget my stresses for a bit (a lot of people say painting your nails gets you less stressed!).

4. Go to an event on campus or near where you live! Your brain needs a break, so give it one! 

5. If you are feeling really stressed or depressed all of the time, GET HELP. Go to a counselor or a therapist or even your best friend so that you can be less stressed! You deserve to be happy and not super stressed out all the time <3

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I hope this post helped some of you guys learn how to manage your stress better! :) What are your tips for managing stress? Comment below and don't forget to follow! 
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