Monday, September 5, 2016

The Various Shades of Concealer!

Hey cupcakes! I am sure many of you are familiar with good old concealer! :) I have been using concealer since I was in middle school (hormonal acne is no fun at all!), and it has always been a trusty friend to me. But when I started to see various colors of concealer in the store, I began to realize that maybe a concealer in my skin tone wasn't the best way to go....

After learning how to correctly use the various shades of concealer, no flaw on my face can stop me from looking fabulous! ;) Here is my go-to guide on what colors of concealer to use:

1. Green concealer - Green concealers are my lifesaver when I have pesky zits to cover up. The green cancels out the red which allows you to cover up any red bumps you have! I personally love the e.l.f green concealer but there are tons of different kinds you can find!

2. Pink/peach/orange concealer - Again, my e.l.f concealer palette contains a pink/peach toned concealer than is amazing for covering up dark circles under the eye. The blue/purple color of your under eye circles can be canceled out by the pinky/peachy nature of the concealer, so you can look flawless all day! :)
3. Purple concealer - Purple concealers can be used to cancel out any yellow tones you may have on your face... I personally don't have this problem, but I know of people who swear by purple concealor! This kind of concealer doesn't have to be straight purple either, it can be a more subtle lilac color as well! 
4. Yellow concealer - Just like purple concealers cancel out yellow, yellow concealers can be used to cover up any purple tones on your face (such as darker under eye circles, bruises, veins, etc.). Again, these aren't bright yellow in color but are more subtle.

5. Neutral concealers - These are, of course, the basic skin colored concealers. If you don't have that many problem areas (or don't want to bother with buying many different colors), using a concealer that matches your skin tone and foundation will do the trick! I always like to have a couple different kinds of concealer too (some thin in coverage and others thick as well as some in sticks, some liquid, etc.).

What is your favorite brand of concealer? Comment below and don't forget to follow! :D <3


  1. I have this ...all i need pallete by Essence with colored concealers, but I usually only use green one and it's great for my redness :D
    any good neutral concealer you would recommend?

    xo Honey - Royal Lifestyle

    1. I love the neutral concealers in the elf palette I have, but I also love my wet n wild one! :)


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