Tuesday, October 11, 2016

DIY: How to Make a Wand ft. Halloween

Hey cupcakes! Halloween is fast approaching, which means costume shopping and creating the perfect outfit for whatever activity you will be participating in on Halloween! :D I LOVE this holiday, so I wanted to do a DIY inspired by it... In this post, I will be showing you all how to make your very own wand that even Harry Potter himself would be jealous of! :P Let's get started!

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What You Need
-Wooden dowel or chopstick
Image result for wooden dowel
Make sure they are pretty thin!
-Hot glue gun
-Ribbon, pipe cleaner, other various decorations
-Paint (any color!)

1. Lay out some newspaper on a flat surface (to make clean up super easy!).
2. Figure out exactly how you want to decorate your wand; there are tons of ideas online!
3. Use the hot glue to glue on decorations OR use the hot glue itself to make a design on the wooden stick. I like to add a layer of hot glue to the base of the wand, and when it is almost dry, squeeze it with my hand to imprint my handprint to the handle! :D

Image result for diy wand

4. Put a blob of hot glue on the tip of the wand, and when it is almost dry, mold it into a point.
Image result for diy wand hot glue
Before paint!
5. Paint the wand! I like a darker brown so everything is one uniform color. :)

Image result for diy wand

6. If you want to add more decorations, feel free!
7. Ta-da! Your very own wand! :O

Image result for diy wand hot glue

Honestly I think these wands are super easy to make, and they end up looking so much better and unique than the ones you can buy at the store! :)

What's your favorite Halloween DIY project? Comment below and don't forget to follow! <3
Image result for harry potter gif
The reaction of your friends when they see your new wand! ;)

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