Friday, October 14, 2016

Free Write #2: Most Irritating

Hey cupcakes! Last month I did my very first Free Write post on The Chic Cupcake (read about my first sexual experience HERE)! I really enjoyed doing that post, so I decided I would do another today! :D

If you are new to the "Free Write" concept, a free write is basically me writing a random post about a random topic (from this subject generator) in ten minutes without editing! Today's topic:

Write about someone who irritates you.

Alright well hurray this isn't about something as personal as my first sexual experience (thank god haha!)... Now as soon as I read this prompt, I knew exactly who I would talk about: one of my professors this semester. You probably thought I was going to talk about Trump or Hillary Clinton, but I don't want to talk about politics because, honestly, they both irritate me! :P Now I don't want to give out who this professor is or what class he teaches (for privacy sake), so let's refer to him as Mr. B. Now Mr. B teaches a class that I am pretty interested in. It consists of a 1 and a half hour lecture every week as well as another 1 and a half hour block for guest speakers. The topic is interesting, so I was excited to take this class.

Now the first time I saw Mr. B, my poor heart sank. Mr. B is intimidating; he is broadly build, has slicked back hair, is super arrogant, and barely ever smiles. He is one of those people who just acts like he is better than everyone (and I'm sure he's a nice guy and all)... For some reason, he irritates me more than anyone. The way he talks about himself and his experience at "law school" and his Linkedin connections and how we should be smarter than this and that, he makes me want to punch him in his face. Like I have literally thought about going to his office hours just to punch him.

Image result for annoyed gif
My face about 90% of the class 
More so, he reminds me of the old boyfriend I had in highschool whom you might remember from this post a while back (My Emotional Abuse Story). I am intimidated, annoyed, and brought back to a bad time in my life whenever I am in his presence, and it is just not a good feeling at all! His overall personality irritates me, and then I get even more irritated because I can't enjoy the subject matter as much as I would like. :/ I will definitely be happy when this class is over!

Image result for annoyed gif 

Well, my timer is about to run out, so I hope you enjoyed my little blurb about my irritating professor! :P

Who do you find most irritating? Comment down below! 

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