Monday, November 7, 2016

My Tips & Tricks for the Perfect Date Night

Hey cupcakes! My boyfriend and I will be celebrating our three year anniversary in a few day, so I thought I would make a post about my tips and tricks for making date night extra special! :D

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The little things you do for your significant other show that you care so much about them (and can make or break the date!), so I always recommend going above and beyond! <3 Let's get started!

1. Dress up - I know this might sound obvious, but when you are dating someone for so long, you don't dress up as often on date night. I suggest surprising your significant other by going the extra step to look gorgeous on a date night! :) They will fall in love with you all over again!

2. Flowers - I think flowers make everyone feel better and special! So regardless if you are a boy or a girl, bring some flowers with you on a date :)
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3. Surprises - I think date nights are so much better when there is a surprise involved! Whether this is a surprise gift of something they have been wanting or a surprise trip to a concert, museum, etc. surprises are amazing!

4. Go out in style - Rent a car, limo, or other form of transportation for the night! Companies like Turo allow you to rent cars from classic to rare (such as Teslas!) so that your date night will become a night to remember! I personally love riding to date night in style, so break away from Uber and driving yourself every once in awhile! :)

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If you are interested, explore how Turo works HERE!

5. Get a little frisky - Show your significant other that the passion you have for each other still exists and don't be afraid of some PDA. ;) A few kisses or a nice make out session will create the perfect steamy date night. <3

6. Save the memories - From ticket stubs to dinner receipts, save the memories you make on date night to turn into a present later on! :)
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7. Don't forget to tell your partner how you feel - I think so many couples aren't happy because they don't tell each other how they feel. Tell your significant other you love them every day and don't forget to compliment them and make them feel like they are the most important person in the world!

What are your tips for having an extra special date night? Comment below and don't forget to follow! :) <3 I love you all!
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And totally don't be like Sheldon ;)


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