Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My Experience: A Team Project from Hell

Hey cupcakes! I haven't done an experience post in quite some time, so I thought I would tell you all a grand story that happened to me this semester (since finals literally start tomorrow!)......

I am pursuing a business degree, and the school I attend has a large emphasis on team and group work.
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I am not normally a fan of group work, because I always end up doing most of the work, but it hasn't been that bad this semester. It is actually super nice to be able to talk over assignments so that I knew for sure I was doing the right things and understanding the concepts correctly. BUT, I had one team experience that was pretty terrible....

In this one class, we were put into groups of 5 to write a 12-15 page research paper that compared and contrasted two companies' mission statements and analyzing them using some material we learned in lecture. My team decided to meet the Friday after the assignment was given (which is pretty good that we wanted to get a head start on it!), and we split up the research and writing into five parts and then decided we would have a rough draft done by Monday (meaning we would all write our portions over the weekend).

During the weekend, I of course wrote my portion and added it to the shared Google Doc. On Sunday night, I get a text from one of my group members in our group chat:

"Hey guys I have (insert an illness that isn't that bad here), and can't do my portion of the assignment."

I was like:
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After being concerned all Sunday night, and not being able to get a response from said sick member, I eventually met with my team Monday evening. Everyone else had written their portion, and we felt good that we were ahead of the game. In regards to said sick member, we thought he would eventually do his section (thinking that you know he was a home literally doing nothing and not that sick). BOY WERE WE WRONG!

A WEEK went by, and he had not done anything for the research paper, but he also would not text or respond to us. We had NO idea if he was writing it (or if one of us had to!), if he planned on writing it eventually, when he was getting back to campus, etc. 

FINALLY, he texted us:

"Guys I still haven't been able to write my section but I sent the professor an email telling him the situation."

Lucky for me, he blind copied me into the email, and a direct quote he told our professor:

"I didn't ask to be as sick as I am."
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Mind you, this paper was due in less than five days, so the other members and I met a few more times and ended up writing his part and doing all the editing, etc. 

The night the paper was due we had one less meeting a few hours before the time it was due (for last edits) and GUESS WHO THE HECK SHOWED UP: Mister Sick Boy. Not only did he make fun of some of our sentence structure (because he would have worded it this way), etc. he literally yelled at another one of our team members for texting because:

"I have better things to do you know." 

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Oh really???!?!? So did I when I was writing your portion of the paper!!!!!!! 

Anyways, we ended up with a fine grade on the research paper (and unfortunately the professor gave sick boy the same grade because we were on a "team"), so the end result of this horrible team experience was worth it in the end (lol I guess...). I hope you enjoyed this story and that you don't have a team experience like this in school! :)

What is your best/worst team experience? Comment below and don't forget to follow!

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