Friday, May 19, 2017

Summer Collective Haul!

Hey cupcakes! I have been doing some shopping recently (YESSS), so I thought I would make a collective haul post! :) Enjoy!

Aeropostale - First of all, I don't know what the deal is with Aeropostale because I thought they were going out of business but they were still open, so I'm just confused. :P But, I found some great deals there!

1. Army Green Pullover ($13) - I absolutely love layering even in the summer, so this is a super thin pullover/cardigan that is perfect for the cooler summer days!

2. Bird shirt ($5) - This is just a totally random shirt that I saw and really liked, so I thought I would pick it up! For some reason I have been loving burgundy shirts :)

3. Moon shirt ($5) - This was another random shirt, but I thought the moons and stars were so cute! I think it is perfect to just throw on for a lazy summer day.


1. Burgundy Basic Tee ($5) - I did the H&M basics 2 for $10, and of course I had to buy a burgundy top! I love how it fits on me, and I can't wait to style this!

2. Tan Basic V-Neck ($5) - This shirt is also perfect for the summer. The color is a really subtle brown, so it will be a great neutral to have in my closet!

PopSocket - I have been seeing PopSockets all over the Internet for the past few months, so I thought I would buy one when I saw one in my local bookstore. This one is so pretty, and it makes holding my phone so much easier! Plus, it was only $10 ;)
Image result for popsocket
The PopSocket is really great for your phone, and I totally recommend checking them out! 
Sephora - My birthday was recently, so I picked up my free birthday gift for being a Beauty Insider. They told me I had two options, so I went with the tarte collection that came with a blush and a lip paint. Look forward to a review of this set in the near future! :)

Bath and Body Works - So let's just say I kinda freaked out a little when I saw that Bath and Body Works now carries bath bombs! Since I am living at home over the summer, and not at a dorm, I can now take baths. I only bought one bath bomb, but if I like it, I will obviously be purchasing more! :)

Ebay - I have totally been digging the 90's fashion that is coming back into style, so I wanted to buy some enamel pins to wear on my jean jacket. Ebay has SO many adorable ones, so I picked out four that I really liked (they were each under $1!).

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Love you all,
Jenna :)

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