Monday, June 26, 2017

Grecian Summer Lookbook ft. Farfetch Style

Hey cupcakes, welcome back! The summer months allow me to head to the beach, catch up on some good books, and the opportunity to do one of my favorite things: travel! Even if you can't head overseas, summer allows you to go on a roadtrip, explore your home city, and just experience new places like you never have before.

One of the major places I want to travel is Santorini, Greece. The white and blue buildings just seem so gorgeous, and I would LOVE to add some super cute photos to my Instagram (which if you aren't a follower of yet, follow me!!!)! ;) After reading an article on Farfetch's new online magazine, the Style Guide, I was inspired to create my own Grecian inspired summer lookbook for all of my beautiful followers who want to tap into their inner Greek goddess as the days grow hotter.

greece santorini
Read the article here:
Oufit #1: Casual Day -  This outfit would be the perfect look for any casual sightseeing day! A pair of high waisted shorts and a breezy tank top is essential to staying cool in the heat, and I think a crossbody bag is a great way to carry everything you need for your day on the town. Make sure your sandals are nice and comfortable; nothing is worse than a blister to ruin a day of seeing the sights!

Click on the images below to see where you can purchase these items! :D

Outfit #2: Dress Like a Goddess - Searching to look like Aphrodite? Throw on this gorgeous blue and white dress with some adorable leaf bracelets and gold anklet! You will look like a goddess in no time :) This outfit would look stunning in a photo op by the beach!

Outfit #3: Skirt and Bralette - Nothing screams summer more than a skirt with a bralette. This baby blue jacket is the perfect way to accent all the white, and I think the sunglasses give the outfit just a little something special. So chic!

I hope this lookbook inspired you to add some Grecian inspiration to your summer style the next couple of months! :D I hope to some day visit Santorini, and when I do, I will keep you all informed with my magical pictures :P

Image result for santorini
For now, just gaze longingly at this photo....
How do you add some Grecian inspiration to your wardrobe? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake! :D Plus, feel free to check out Farfetch and their Style Guide for the latest and greatest fashion trend!

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