Sunday, August 27, 2017 Haul and Review!

Hey cupcakes! When I was watching some YouTube videos the other day, I was recommended to watch a haul/review... And this introduced me to the app/website Wish! Because of the crazy amount of videos about this app, I am pretty sure I am late to this trend... But I wanted to shop around and see what I could find!

Whale Basket

Check it out here!

Price: $1
Shipping: $2
When I first started browsing through the website, I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to buy... But, I soon came across this cute basket and knew it would be perfect to fill with craft supplies and have on my desk when I am at school. :D There were many different prints for this basket, and I thought the whale one was especially cute. It was supposed to take about three weeks to get to me, but it ended up coming in about two weeks. The basket has some sort of metal/plastic inside of it because it actually will stand on its own (I just thought it was cloth), and it is very nicely made. It looks absolutely adorable on my desk, and I might be purchasing a few more of these in the future!

Tangled Tapestry

Check it out here!

Price: $9
Shipping: $4
As most of you probably know, one of my favorite movies of all time is Tangled. :) I was in need of a tapestry for my dorm room's wall, so I was shopping around on the website and randomly found this.... I totally freaked out!! It obviously isn't labeled anything Tangled or Disney due to copyright, but I was so excited to purchase this. Unlike the whale basket, this took a bit longer to get to me, but it still arrived in the timeframe Wish told me it would (about 25 days). The tapestry isn't the best quality, but it looks exactly like the picture on the website. I am overall extremely happy with this purchase, so I would recommend checking it out! :D

Overall Thoughts
My overall impression of Wish is that it actually is a decent site. You basically will get what you pay for, so if a shirt is $1 you are going to end up with a low quality shirt.... But if that is what you are looking for, then all the power to you! The shipping on Wish can be a bit more pricey than necessary, so if an item is "Free" then you make up for the cost of the item in the shipping - just be wary of that!

Also, some products aren't actually a good deal (you can find similar/better products on other sites for lower prices, etc.), so I would recommend shopping around instead of placing a mega order on Wish. :) Overall, I will definitely be shopping on this site in the future, so I would definitely recommend for you all to try it out if you haven't already!

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  1. That basket is so cute. I've tried some things from Wish and it's very hit and miss. Some are great and others are ...meh. But the price makes it worth a shot!

  2. The basket is cute..

    Please visit:

    1. Thanks! I would totally recommend checking it out :)


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