Friday, September 8, 2017

How to Style ft. Choker Necklaces

Hey cupcakes! Choker necklaces are still super trendy, so I wanted to make a fun lookbook on how to style your favorite choker! :) Let's get started!

Multiple chokers: This is by far my fav way to wear choker necklaces; I think it looks so cute with other necklaces layered with it! The look seems more dressy to me for some reason, so I like to style it with a blouse, kimono (or cardigan), and either a skirt or black jeans. So cute and easy!

One choker: If you only want to wear the "typical 90's choker" (you all know which one I am talking about haha), I suggest styling it with graphic tee, jeans, and your fav sandals.

Statement choker: I have seen some awesome statement chokers, so I suggest wearing a really "bland" outfit to make the necklace pop! Show off your unique style with a choker that embodies you! :)

How do you style choker necklaces? Comment down below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake!


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