Tuesday, October 10, 2017

My 7 Favorite Fall Products!

Hey cupcakes! My favorite season is totally fall, so I wanted to make a post today about all of my current favorite fall products :) Make sure you let me know what your favorite fall products are in the comment section! <3

1. Pumpkin bagels

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Okay so I never knew that pumpkin bagels were a thing, but I recently tried one at a bagel shop on campus... They are so good! The pumpkin flavor is really subtle, and there are other fall flavors (like cinnamon and nutmeg), so it is literally the perfect fall treat! :)

2. Almond candle from Bath and Body Works

Find this on their website here!

I have always loved the smell of almond paste (even though I don't like the taste of actual almonds haha), so this candle from Bath and Body Works has been my fav recently. It smells SO good and reminds me of the cookies my mom makes over the holidays. Bath and Body Works has a whole bunch of other great fall scents (and the candles themselves are always so cute!), so I would recommend finding your signature scent for the fall.

3. Argan Oil

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I did a review on Maple Holistics Argan Oil a couple of weeks ago (read that post here), and it has been super awesome for the fall! The weather is starting to get cold, and this product keeps my hair hydrated and beautiful :)

4. Instagram Story autumn stickers

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Lol this is totally random, but I love the Instagram stickers for the fall! They add some much fall fun to my pictures :P

5. Blankets!

Buy this one here!

The fall time is great because it isn't too cold that you're freezing, but you can cuddle up with a blanket while you study! :D I personally love the soft blankets you can get at Target, but there are many other places you can get cozy blankets - find your favorite!

6. Apple Cider Donuts

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More food - haha! I am actually not really into donuts, but I have to have a few apple cider donuts in October to get me excited for the season ;) They are best if eaten at an apple orchard or cider mill.

7. Jean Jacket

Image result for jean jacket

When the weather gets cooler, it is essential to have a nice jacket to wear! I have been loving my jean jacket recently, and it is just so perfect for cooler nights.

What are you looking forward to this fall? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake! :D



  1. I didn't even know pumpkin bagels were a thing! My mind is seriously blown.

    1. They are SO good! If you ever have the chance to try one out, I definitely recommend :D
      -Jenna <3


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