Sunday, December 17, 2017

Blogmas Day 17 - How to Style: Exam Clothes

Hey cupcakes! Finals can be stressful, but I thought it would be nice to make a lookbook for outfits you can wear during your exams to make them a little more "fun". Let's get started!

Outfit #1 - If you want to wear the typical college exam taker outfit, throw on some comfy joggers, your favorite cozy sweatshirt, and some Uggs!

Outfit #2 - For those who want to be semi-comfy but also look a bit nicer, I suggest wearing some leggings and your favorite crew neck or long sleeve shirt.

Outfit #3 - If you want to use the mantra "Dress well, test well", this outfit is for you! All you need to do is wear your favorite jeans, a sweater (it could even be a Christmas sweater!), and some boots. Ta-da; you are going to nail your exam!

What do you wear when you take exams? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss a post during Blogmas! :D

Jingle Jenna <3

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  1. I would probably wear the third outfit with boots fro second one (can't wear shoes).



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