Sunday, January 21, 2018

What's On My Fashion Wishlist ft.

Hey cupcakes! I hope you enjoyed my last post, where I shared with you all my current beauty wishlist. I wanted to stick with that type of post today... So I hope you enjoy what is currently on my fashion wishlist (featuring the awesome cute clothes from Yoins has clothing that is super trendy but is priced at such fair prices, so it is definitely a website you all should check out! :)

1. Burgundy floral dress ($19.95)

Burgundy Random Floral Print Crossed Collar Bell Sleeves Dress with Zip Design

I think this dress is so cute! The darker color makes it perfect for the winter time, and you can get it in 4 other colors. I have always loved floral dresses (I am pretty sure about 95% of all the dress I own are floral print), so this is definitely on my wishlist!

2. Boybye Crop Top ($9.95)

Yellow Letter Print Crew Neck Top

Yoins always has such a great selection of crop tops (check out all women's crop tops here!), which is amazing because sometimes at stores like Forever21 you can only find cheapy "party" crop tops. Even though the weather is cold, I like to pair cropped shirts with an oversized cardigan and some leggings, and I think this graphic shirt is perfect for that!

3. Long Sleeve Shirt ($17.95)

Dark Grey Crossed Front Design Plain Round Neck Long Sleeves T-shirts

Sometimes my classrooms are super warm, so I don't necessarily want to put on a thick sweater. So, I love to wear long sleeve shirts (with an added scarf sometimes)! This shirt is so plain and simple, which is just how I like it (plus, there are 7 more colors to choose from!).

4. High Waisted Jeans ($23.95)

Dark Blue Without Front Pockets Basic Bodycon Jeans

For only $24 how can you go wrong with these jeans??? As most of you all probably know, I have always preferred skinny jeans/pants over leggings (lol even though right now I am wearing leggings oops). These pants would be perfect to style with the Boybye crop top, an oversized sweater, etc!

5. Lace Bralette ($7.95)

Black V-neck Lace Bra with Choker

I feel like I have been really late to the whole bralette craze, but my collection has slowly been growing over time. Yoins has a HUGE selection of bras, bralettes, and even lingerie sets (check out all hot sexy lingerie for women here!), which is awesome because you can buy a bunch of everything from the same place. I think this bralette is gorgeous!

What is on your fashion wishlist? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss a post! :D


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  1. I love a good Floral Dress!
    Lovely post and blog. :)

    Love, Em.

    1. Thank you so much, thanks for stopping by! :)


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