Monday, April 30, 2018

30 Must-Do Summer Activities

Hey cupcakes! Now that I am officially on summer break (YAY!), I have been thinking of fun things to do this summer... To inspire myself and all of you, I decided to compile a list of some super awesome things to do this summer break, so let's get right into it! :)

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1. Learn how to star-gaze and look at the stars!

2. Have a photo shoot with sunflowers

3. Go on a picnic with friends

4. Bake some macarons

5. Go thrift shopping and find some deals!

6. Read for fun!!

7. Go apartment decor shopping :)

8. Go to a music festival

9. Sort through clothes, old textbooks, etc. and DONATE

10. Write some awesome blog posts ;)

11. Go roller blading

12. Spend time with family <3

13. Exercise (learn new workouts like kickboxing!)

14. Watch movies from childhood (High School Musical, Lizzie McGuire, etc.)

15. Take a painting class

16. Pick blueberries (or other local fruits)

17. Have a spa night - nails, face masks, and massages

18. Go swimming!

19. Get a tan by spending time at the beach

20. Go on a road trip

21. Learn a song on the piano

22. Eat ice cream :P

23. Go to a flea market and/or yard sales

24. Meet up with old friends from high school to catch up

25. Attend a concert in a park/outdoor theater

26. Find pretty shells/rocks/sea glass on the shoreline

27. Get a haircut (super short for summer anyone?)

28. Have a lazy day and don't change out of pajamas!

29. Pick some pretty flowers

30. TURN 21 :D <3

What are you planning on doing this summer? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss a post about my summer! :)


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