Wednesday, April 4, 2018

What I Learned By Giving Up Social Media

Hey cupcakes! I mentioned in my last post that I gave up social media for Lent, so I wanted to write a post about my experience doing so. :) Let's jump right into it!

So, for Lent I gave up the major "social medias" that I have: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I felt like I was starting to spend way to much time looking at posts that I didn't even care about, but it didn't seem like I could stop. I like to use Lent as a time to improve my life, and I thought spending less time on social media would allow me to do focus on things that are more important like friends, God, family, and school. Reflecting back on my experience, these things stand out to me:

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1. I thought it was going to be way harder than it was - When I first deleted the apps off my phone and un-bookmarked the sites from my laptop, I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to give it up for the whole Lenten season. Honestly, I barely ever had the urge to look at social media which is probably due to the fact that I was able to use my time for other things (so I didn't necessarily think about the fact that I wasn't scrolling through feeds).

2. You won't actually be out of the loop - While you might not know what your friend ate for breakfast from their Insta Story, you will still know the important things when you actually talk to them! I felt myself spending more time with people through the Lent season, which was super great! :) The only time I felt like I was "out of the loop" was in my dorm's Facebook group where residents post about things happening in the building. But, texts totally solved that :P

3. Social media is a waste of time - Sure there are positives to it, but after spending so much time off of it (and honestly only seeing positive changes) I don't think I will ever get so caught up in it now. It was SO nice to not stare at my phone all the time haha. While I did re-download Facebook and Instagram, I can safely say that I only check it twice a day now at breakfast and dinner.

4. The time spent on social media can be spent for so many other great things! - Through Lent I was able to be even more productive with my schoolwork, spend time (face to face!) with lots more people, and to explore more events on campus.

5. YOU SHOULD TRY IT - I know many of you will be reading this post thinking I am crazy for coming to these conclusions, but I totally recommend you to try it too. Even if you don't want to go for 40 days, try a week without it and see how it impacts your life! :) You won't know unless you try, right?

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Jenna <3


  1. I love that you did this! Honestly, I have been trying to cut back on social media already (because if someone wants to know something about me...they should talk to me in person instead of creeping my Twitter) and it gets easier and easier. I think most of the time, I check things out of boredom or habit and nothing more.

    1. I totally agree - I used to just instinctively check it, even when I couldn't care less about what was going on! Let me know if you end up giving it up for some time :)


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