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21 Things I Learned in 21 Years!

Hey cupcakes! As my birthday happened recently, I wanted to dedicate a post to sharing what I have learned throughout my short life :) I honestly can't believe that I am already 21... I'm so old haha! Hopefully this post can help you all (younger, older, or even same age!) through this journey we call life.

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1. Drinking isn't everything - Since I can now legally drink, I definitely want to clear the air that drinking isn't as exciting as people think. I feel like so many high schoolers start drinking early in life because it is "cool", but I don't really find anything special about it. Stay safe everyone; drinking isn't as cool (or even necessary) as you think!

2. If there are no ups and downs in your life, it means you are dead - I found this quote on Pinterest a while back, and I think it is extremely accurate. In 21 years there have been so many ups but also so many downs, but you have to learn that getting up and being resilient is crucial!

3. Do what makes you happy - Don't go to that party you don't want to attend. Try that new hobby. Stop being someone's friend if you don't want to be anymore (aka don't feel obligated to continue friendships that aren't beneficial to you!). Quit playing that instrument or sport even if your parents disagree. FOLLOW YOUR HEART - life is too short to be unhappy! :)

4. Family first - Now that I am almost done with college and will be shortly moving out of my parent's house, spending time with my family has become even more important to me. <3 Your family is everything - a support network, a shoulder to cry on, and a true friend. Make sure you have a strong bond with your family so that your kids will also learn just how important family is.

5. Try in school! - I am so lucky I had parents who pushed me in middle and high school because I would not have been able to get into a great college if I hadn't learned how to work hard. Start trying at an early age because then it won't be so difficult when you are trying to get your degree :)

6. Find a hobby that doesn't involve a screen - With school, work, and watching TV (and blogging haha) we spend so much time staring at a screen. Find a hobby that gives you time away from that glow - try cooking, reading a physical book haha, knitting, etc.

7. Take care of yourself - Find time to exercise (or at least take a walk or climb up some stairs)!! Drink water!! Don't put anything harmful into your body!! You only get one body, so make sure it will last <3

8. Learn and then learn some more - Don't read something and believe it - do your research and make sure you spread the correct information! Google doesn't know everything ;)

9. Be your own cheerleader - The only person who truly has your back 150% of the time is YOU :D Support yourself, your goals, and your thoughts to make sure your life is what you want it to be.

10. Don't care about what other people think - People gossip. People think/say bad things about you. But that will never change. You can be the prettiest, richest, and most intelligent person in the world and someone will still have something mean to say. The sooner you learn how to cancel out the worries about what others think of you/your actions, the better! :)

11. Stay positive - Smile at people, think happy thoughts, do an act of kindness. If you are more positive, life will be more positive.

12. Have faith - I am a religious person and have found that my faith has allowed me to live a more fulfilled life. I encourage everyone to also seek some sort of spiritual faith in their life too!

13. Don't associate with people who bring you down - Cutting out friendships, not talking to someone at work, breaking up with a long term boyfriend etc. are all okay if those people bring down your quality of life or don't treat you right. Again, life is too short, and you deserve the best!

14. Be YOU - I am 21 years old and still love Disney movies and cartoon dinosaurs. But nobody is ever going to change that because it makes me ME. :D

15. Be on time - Lol this is a critical life skill people. It makes you seem way more put together even if you aren't.

16. You win some, you lose some - Don't stress for weeks about a failed exam or presentation. Don't wallow in the past. Nobody's perfect (aka Hannah Montana's mantra thanks girl!).

17. Give back - Don't be selfish all the time; donate, volunteer, and do your part to help the environment. <3

18. Take a few risks, I believe in you! - Life would be boring without a little risk wouldn't it? ;) Experiment away cupcakes!

19. Eat your fruits and veggies - Lol, sorry for the lame tip but it actually makes you feel so much better if you get all your health in each day :P

20. Be smart with your money - It is never too early to save for retirement am I right?!

21. Enjoy life!!! - Again, life is short! Make sure you are enjoying it :D

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  1. I love everything about this list. And you are so right about drinking not being everything. There was a time when I thought that in order to have a fun night out, it had to include drinking. Now, I drink when I feel like it and not when I feel like I am supposed to! And I love that you included positivity and faith on this list as well. Totally agree.

    1. Thanks so much! I'm glad you agree about the drinking :)
      -Jenna <3


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