Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Fashionable Flower Crowns for the Summer

Hey cupcakes! In all my recent trips to the mall, I was shocked to see that flower crowns are still trendy and in a lot of stores. I think these crowns are super cute, so I wanted to compile a list of my favorites to share with you all! :) Let's get started!

1. Gold Flower Headband: Forever 21, $5

This headband isn't technically a "crown" per say, but it will do the trick if you aren't bold enough to wear an actual flower crown when you are out running errands ;)

2. Yellow Flower Crown: Claire's, $6

Yellow flowers just make me so happy because they remind me of the sun during the summer. This crown is super pretty, yet simple!

3. White Floral Crown: Amazon, $7

White flowers go with basically any outfit, so I think this is a staple for an girl's closet if they are into the flower crown trend :)

4. Rose Crown: Etsy, $35

I love shopping on Etsy because you can find so many unique products! There are a million different flower crowns on the website, so I suggest checking it out if you are looking to buy a really nice quality one.

5. Simple Pink Flower Crown: JCPenney, $5

If you are looking at add just a little girly vibe to your summer outfit, this floral crown is for you! :) It is so chic and simple, and I love the pink color!

Where do you get your flower crowns? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss another post! :D

Jenna the Flower Child

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  1. Hey Jenna ! This is a great post. I love flower crowns especially for festivals. Thanks for sharing this.

    Lots of love, Miri


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