Sunday, June 3, 2018

Shaving with a Safety Razor 101

Hey cupcakes! If you read my Living a Lower-Waste Lifestyle 101 post, you will know that I am on a journey to become sustainable in my daily life. :) One easy step I took was to switch from using disposable plastic razors to a metal safety razor instead! I have LOVED this razor so far (such a better shave!), so I wanted to share my tips and tricks for making the switch too; let's get started!

The first thing you have to do is purchase your razor! :) I bought this Weishi razor from Amazon for only $16, and it came with 5 razor blades. The blades themselves with last multiple months if you take care of them, but you can buy 100 Astra blades for only $11 as a replacement! So basically you only spend $27 for decades of shaving - bargain!!!

When you get your razor, open the package and wash the razor before using. If you are especially worried about germs, you can also wipe it down with rubbing alcohol! Each blade is individually wrapped with wax to avoid accidental cutting, so carefully remove from packaging and hold on the short ends (this will ensure you avoid the actual blade part). Again, wash the blade itself and sanitize if you want.

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To assemble the razor, read the directions of your specific blade. The Weishi razor I bought just screws to open and close, so it is super easy! :) After assembly, you are all set to start shaving!

Shaving 101
To set up for shaving, I suggest getting a bowl/cup and filling it with water. Instead of running the water while you shave, this will conserve water but still allow you to unclog the hair on your razor. Wet whatever area you are shaving and lather up with soap - time to start shaving!

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To shave your legs, shave up like you would with any other razor. Do NOT apply a lot of pressure when using a safety razor - you will cut yourself if you do so!! If you are shaving your armpits, shave down like usual (or even sideways if your hair grows that way). Dip your blade in your bowl (or rinse it) every so often to get ride of hair build up. And that is basically it! :) Shaving with a safety razor is just like any other shaving, but just go slow the first time until you get the hang of it!

*If you are still nervous about it, YouTube has tonssss of videos with more tips too!*  

Rinse off any soap residue and dry off your body - admire how smooth your legs are! ;) Take the blade out (taking care to hold on the short edges) and wash both the razor and the blade to remove any hair or soap. Dry with a towel COMPLETELY (this will prevent rust and allow the razor to last as long as possible - yay!). Store razor in a dry place NOT in the shower (again for the rust). Don't forget to moisturize to keep your legs smooth! :) Ta-da; you just successfully shaved with a safety razor!

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Sustainable Jenna <3


  1. The prices for the razors are really good, especially since they last so long. What a fantastic post! I am going to have to look into this.

    1. I definitely would recommend switching over :) The shave is much cleaner overall, and it just makes you feel so good when you throw away the last disposable razor you will ever use!
      -Jenna <3

  2. The Thought of shaving with a safety razor freaks me out a bit, but my husband uses one. Maybe I should try his out. Great Post!

    1. I totally agree with you, the first time I shaved with one I was beyond terrified. As long as you go slowly, you will be fine (I have yet to cut myself with it!). :) Thanks for stopping by!
      -Jenna <3
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