Monday, July 2, 2018

How to Style: Patriotic Accessories

Hey cupcakes! The fourth of July is almost here.... Which means it is time to bust out your red, white, and blue! :) I don't really own a whole lot of red or white clothing, so I absolutely love finding cute "America"-themed accessories to wear on this day of family fun. In case some of you are also looking for some great products before Wednesday, here are my favs!

1. Lady Liberty Pin (Etsy, $7) - As you all know from previous posts, I am a big fan of enamel pins to wear on my denim jackets. This one is especially cute (and perfect for the 4th!), and it isn't as obnoxiously red/white/blue like other accessories that can be found during this holiday.

2. Blue Star Sunglasses (Hot Topic, $11) - Let's just say these sunglasses are amazing haha. I have always wanted a pair of heart ones, but now I think I need to get some stars instead....

3. America Fanny Pack (Forever 21, $13) - Fanny packs are trendy right now (not entirely sure why...), so a flag fanny pack is perfect for the 4th :P $13 is a great price for this, and it would be perfect to store your essentials for a day at the beach! 

4. Flag Flip Flops (Old Navy, $4) - My fave flip flops always come from Old Navy, and it is great that they are so affordable! 

5. American Flag Headband (Amazon, $5) - This hair accessory will allow you to maintain your hair while showing your spirit! Perfect for a windy day at the beach or an evening BBQ. :)

What are your favorite patriotic accessories for the 4th of July? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss a post! :D

Patriotic Jenna <3


  1. Everything is super cute. I especially love those star shaped sunglasses!

    1. I'm glad you like them; I can totally picture them being styled so cute! :)
      -Jenna <3


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