Friday, September 21, 2018

Fashion: Cutest Fanny Packs on the Market

Hey cupcakes! The fanny pack trend has been taking the world by storm... While I personally am not a huge fan of this fashion statement, I have definitely seen some cute fanny packs online. I thought I would share my faves with you all today!

1. Colorblock Fanny Pack (Forever21, $16) - I love the two colors of this one! I think the design is very classy and would look with so many different looks.

2. Clear Holo Pack (Rue21, $15) - If you are a fan of the clear bag trend, this fanny pack is for you! I love how it is also iridescent/holographic; such a statement piece! :)

3. Sporty Fanny Pack (Charlotte Russe, $20) - This one gives me such Adidas vibes, so I think it would look great with a more casual look. 

4. Pineapple Pack (Amazon, $11) - I LOVE this one! It gives me such summer music festival vibes, so I would totally wear it whenever I needed a reminder of the hot months when I didn't have school ;)

5. Colored Fanny Pack (Amazon, $9) - This pack comes in soooo many colors; it definitely allows you to buy multiple for many outfits! 

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Jenna <3

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