Wednesday, November 28, 2018

An Open Letter to Birth Control Creators

Dear birth control creators,

Why does the burden of birth control rest only on the shoulders of women? Even though women are the ones who actually get pregnant, they cannot physically do so unless there is another party involved... That's right: a man. Is the reason that women have to deal with birth control because they are more responsible? Have more at stake? Are more scared of an unwanted pregnancy?


It is because they are told by society that it is their duty and responsibility. That, in my opinion, is unfair. While yes, there may be some male birth control options (ie. condoms, vasectomies), the vast majority are exclusively for women. Why do women need to put foreign chemicals, drugs, or objects into their bodies when men do not?

Is it because the bodies of women are inferior to those of men?

I am sick and tired of being taught by the society that I live in that it is only my responsiblity to prevent unwanted pregnancies (or STIs). I don't want to have to alter my body's hormones, get nasty side effects, or put unnecessary chemicals into my body when my partner gets to do nothing but enjoy himself.

Man: "Are you on the Pill?"
Me, a frustrated woman: "No, are you?"

I am tired of my doctor laughing at me when I ask about natural forms of birth control, and his explanation of "Vatican Roulette" that I will be playing if I don't use "traditional birth control". I am tired of the fact that birth control is seen as a woman's job.

When will birth control be equalized?

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Jenna <3

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  1. I fully agree with this post! It seems so unfair that the burden (financially as well as having to take medication or wear a patch, etc and alter our bodies) is completely on the women. It is frustrating, to say the least.


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