Monday, December 17, 2018

Fashion: Cutest Holiday Sweaters of the Season

Hey cupcakes, I'm back! :) I am officially done with school for the semester, and I am super pumped that I only have one semester left! As I have been in the holiday mood now that I am home, I thought I would share the cutest holiday sweaters I have seen on the market this year. Holiday sweaters are a must have in my opinion, so let's jump right into it!

Traditional Burgundy Sweater (Amazon, $30) - Amazon is a great place to look for holiday sweaters, and I think this one is super cute! While it isn't funny/"ugly" in any way, I think it is perfect for the holidays (plus the price is hard to beat!).

Polar Bear Sweater (Macy's, $20) - I find animal holiday sweaters to be adorable, and I love the hat and sweater on this polar bear :D So cute!

Baa Humbug Sweater (Walmart, $38) - If you are looking for a typical "ugly" Christmas sweater, I suggest lower quality stores like Walmart, Target, Rue21, Forever 21, etc. Plus, they can be really funny!

Tree Rex Sweatshirt (Etsy, $18) - I have always been a huge crew-neck sweatshirt fan, so that is always a safe bet for a holiday top. This one has a dinosaur on it, which automatically makes it adorable. ;)

Snowman Sweatshirt (Forever21, $10) - Um, you can't go wrong with Frosty on your shirt in winter can you?

What is your favorite holiday sweater this season? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss another post! :)

Jenna <3


  1. That is amazing! So glad you are done for the semester. These sweaters are so cute I can't even deal with it!!

  2. The polar bear jumper is definitely my fav!


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