Tuesday, January 22, 2019

7 Ways to Stay Organized for a Successful Semester

Hey cupcakes! The new semester is upon us, which means assignments and exams are right around the corner... 📝 As I have successfully completed 7 semesters in my undergraduate degree, I thought I would share 7 pro-tips with you all today about how to stay organized throughout the rest of the term. Organization is one of the keys to doing well in school, so let's jump right into it! 🍎

1. Buy yourself a planner! - A planner is definitely the number one school supply I cannot live without, so I would recommend buying yourself one. I have tried many different types (even bullet journals), but even the most basic one will do the trick.

2. Put all important due dates in said planner THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS - While this might take some time, it will allow you to look ahead at any week and know when exams are coming up and what larger assignments will be due. After I receive a syllabus the first day of class, I will spend time that evening marking down these dates. Then, I will add any smaller things (like readings) as the weeks go by. 📚

3. Have a folder and notebook for each class - I have seen many students who only have one huge notebook for all their notes, but this results in notes that may not be in order. To separate all of your thoughts for each course, I suggest buying a folder and notebook that can be tucked between the folder for easy carrying in your backpack (color coordination also helps!).

4. Actually read before class and take notes in your notebook- I know, I know, everyone says this... But yet lots of students don't actually do it. Even if you don't have time to sit down and read all 5 chapters of that biology textbook, at least scan it thoroughly to get a sense of what you will be learning in class. Having some jotted notes allows me to be better prepared for class.

5. Make sure your backpack and desk are clean! - Your backpack will be going with you everywhere, so if it is a mess, it will definitely be harder to stay organized. 🎒 Having a clean backpack and desk will allow you to know where all of your supplies and assignments are at all times (as well as keeping your mind uncluttered!).

6. Pick a day of the week to spend some time planning for the next week (or two) - I like Wednesdays, as I am able to update any smaller assignments for the next week as well as mentally prepare myself for any larger assignments/exams coming up. This also helps me get motivated to start assignments early over the weekend! 😁 #nerdalert

7. Keep your notes as organized as possible - Even if you have crappy handwriting (like me!), try your best to keep your notes as organized as you can using dates of when the notes were taken, headings to show if they are "Class Notes" or "Reading Notes", etc. Find the method that helps you most when studying!

What are your best tips for staying organized in school? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss another post!

Jenna ♥


  1. A planner is a must! I swear, it is the only thing that keeps me on track sometimes!

    1. I totally agree with you! So many people tell me I should just use my iPhone as a planner, but I really think writing down the things I need to do makes me remember it more.
      -Jenna ♥
      The Chic Cupcake


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