Thursday, January 31, 2019

Fashion: Reds and Pinks for Valentine's Day ♥

Hey cupcakes! I can't believe it, but the first month of 2019 is almost over! The beginning of February means that Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and I always find myself busting out the pinks and reds from my closet in preparation for the holiday. If you tend to do the same thing, never fear - I compiled a list of my current fave fashion pieces in this post! ♥

~Cozy Pink Sweater (Reformation, $228): While Reformation might be expensive, their clothes are both sustainable and on trend! I think the color of this sweater is the perfect thing to warm up a dreary cold winters day 😃

~Red Pants (H&M, $25): I really like the look of "paper bag" pants, and I was excited to see that H&M makes red ones! I think this would be an awesome pop of color piece for any professional wardrobe. Plus, H&M is a decently sustainable company, which is always a plus!

~Pink Track Jacket (ThredUp, $29): ThredUp is an excellent way to get your thrift on if you don't want to leave the house. I found this Nike jacket on there and think it is such a perfect pink for the holiday season. 👍

~Vibrant Red Lace Dress (Forever21, $23): Forever21 always has really cute things for Valentine's Day, but I just fell in love with this dress! I love how simple, yet elegant, it is... It would definitely make a wonderful date night dress for dinner (I'd personally pair it with a creme oversized cardigan because I thrive in oversized things haha)

~Heart Patch Sweater (Shein, $23): You can't tell me this sweater isn't adorable! I have always been a huge fan of elbow patch sweaters, and this heart one is just perfect for February.

~Rose Cardigan (Alternative Apparel, $58): Alternative Apparel makes great clothes using organic cotton, and I think this cardigan is a staple for any working woman 😃

~"What Boyfriend?" Graphic Tee (Forever21, $10): Again, Forever21 for the win! I thought this shirt was super hilarious because you don't need to have a significant other for Valentine's Day. Some of my favorite memories for the holiday happened during my own time with friends on Galentine's. 😀 I can totally imagine a group of girls wearing these shirts together while watching cheesy rom coms!

What are your favorite red and/or pink clothes on the market currently? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss another post!

Jenna ♥


  1. I love that pink cardigan, so cute! I also love the 'What Boyfriend' shirt, it's so funny! I have some red pants from Express that I'll need to wear this February! :)

    Melissa //

  2. The cosy pink jumper is so cute! The colour is so pretty and perfect for Spring. Thank you for sharing.
    Lauren |


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