Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Fun Date Suggestions ft. Valentine's Day 💕

Hey cupcakes! I cannot believe that Valentine's Day is only two days away - I still feel like it is January... Anyone else feel that too? In order to make myself feel like it is actually February, I decided to write a post full of fun date suggestions for the special holiday on Thursday! 😍 These don't have to be specifically with a significant other either - play dates with friends are a blast too!

*Go ice skating - I have always loved to ice skate, and it is a great date idea for the cold months (just make sure you have at least been on some ice before - we wouldn't want you breaking your ankle!). I also recently went with a huge group of my friends, and I honestly haven't had that much fun in quite some time. 😀

*Bake a heart cake - I wrote a post about this eons ago (don't judge my old posts haha I was much younger), so check it out if you want to learn how to make a heart shaped cake! I think baking is just a fun thing to do with a date (or friend or by your lonesome)... Plus, you get a delicious treat at the end of it!

*Go to a film festival - My boyfriend and I recently found a local teen film festival at a theater, and it was super fun. Not only was it free but some of the movies were actually quite impressive... It was fun to play movie critic for a few hours 😛

*Make valentines for sick kids and the elderly - There are children's hospitals all over the place, so why not brighten the day of someone who isn't feeling well or doesn't have people to celebrate with? Gather lots of pink, red, and white paper and craft away! Then, deliver them to the hospital or nursing home yourself (if you are allowed to) or mail them. Remember how happy you get when you receive a valentine? Pay that feeling forward!

*Try out a local restaurant - Avoid all of the chain restaurants if you want to eat out on Valentine's Day. Find a new local spot you have never tried before (even one that might not have the best reviews!) and support your community on this loving holiday.

*Have a pajama party - As soon as you get home from work or school, change into your most festive pajamas and RELAX ALL NIGHT! This could mean Netflix, reading a nice book together, or cuddling with some warm tea... Even a spa night will do!

*Spread some love through compliments - Spend some time chatting about all the things you appreciate about each other. Nothing makes people happier than learning what people love about them 😊

*Watch the sunset together - Find the best viewing point in your town/city and sit there for a few hours. Bring lots of blankets to stay warm!

What are you going to be doing on Valentine's Day? Comment below and don't forget to follow The Chic Cupcake to never miss another post!

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  1. These ideas are so fabulous! Love the idea of baking a heart shaped cake :)

    1. Let me know if you try it out - my family loves to make shaped cakes for lots of different holidays, and the heart one is definitely my fave!
      -Jenna ♥
      The Chic Cupcake | The Chic Cupcake Instagram


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