Thursday, March 21, 2019

Charcoal Teeth Whitening ft. Primal Pit Paste! 😁

Hey cupcakes! My journey towards living zero waste has introduced me to so many great companies along the way... I've actually been astounded by how many firms are starting to create products that are both natural/chemical-free (and therefore good for your body!) and create less waste. After writing about my failures to find a zero waste deodorant in this post, I stumbled upon Primal Pit Paste. Not only does this company create deodorants in glass containers (aka super low waste!), it also has a bunch of other products like tooth powders.

I decided that I wanted to test out one of their deodorants, their Tough Teeth toothpaste powder, and their Charcoal Whitening tooth powder. As I am waiting until my current deodorant and toothpaste runs out to try those first two products (yay for not wasting products 😉), I thought I would share my experience with the Charcoal Whitening tooth powder with you all today! Let's get right into it! 🎉

First off, the glass container that the powder comes in is actually larger than I expected - there is so much product in it for only $11! Shipment was extremely fast and the box (and the brown paper package filler) were all recyclable. 🙌 The only downside that this packaging has is that the glass container was wrapped in a huge seal of plastic... While I know this is to make sure no precious powder gets out in the mail, I was just hoping that this product would be fully zero waste.

Overall, this product was SUPER easy to use - and it definitely worked! All you need to do is wet a toothbrush, scoop some of the powder onto the brush, brush your teeth until they are coated, let it sit for two minutes, and then brush/rinse away the powder. As the main whitening ingredient is activated charcoal, your teeth turn a hilarious shade of black which is the perfect opportunity to snap a photo and send to your friends (I may or may not be guilty of that 😝).

Before using this product, I was interested to see if I would be able to tell if it was working or not... And you definitely can! The first time you use it your mouth feels tingly as the product ingredients start working, which is a great way to know that something is actually going on! However, as there are only 8 ingredients in the powder it gives you a sense of relief that you aren't damaging your teeth/gums/mouth like other chemical whitening procedures (which tend to be quite painful). Plus, I actually have noticed a difference in the color of my teeth! My teeth were never extremely yellow or anything, but they are definitely more white now!

To sum up, I would definitely recommend this product if you are looking for some sort of natural teeth whitening solution! I have been using it about 2-3 times a week to start out, but you can use it more or less as needed. 😀 For the price, the results, and the low waste product itself, Primal Pit Paste definitely created a win with this sustainable charcoal tooth powder! 🎉

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*The Primal Pit Paste products were sent to me for free, but all opinions are my own! 🙂*


  1. I've never tried charcoal whitening products but am very interested to give them a try. Thanks for sharing your review.

    1. Thanks for stopping by - let me know what you think if you end up trying out any type of charcoal whitening product!
      -Jenna ♥
      Stay in touch? The Chic Cupcake

  2. Hi Jenna, thank you so much for your review. I recently ordered activated charcoal from Amazon. I keep hearing it mentioned online, both for teeth whitening and for facial treatments (such as diy face masks) to help keep skin healthy and thought I'd give it a try but I'd been very nervous about trying it so far :) I'll definitely try it now, I'm off to pin this post to my hair & beauty board in case there are others like me still trying to decide whether to try charcoal or not. I hope you've had a fabulous weekend Jenna, hugs x


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