Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Review: Ethique Heali Kiwi Shampoo Bar

Hey cupcakes! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday if you celebrated Easter this weekend 🐰 I got to spend some marvelous time with family, which was super great to relieve some stress during finals. 😀 At the end of January, I reviewed the Jumping Juniper shampoo bar from LUSH... After finishing that bar, I wanted to explore some other package free shampoos as part of my journey towards living a zero waste life. Ethique has some great zero waste products, so I decided to try out their Heali Kiwi bar. 😁 Here are my thoughts so far:

~Fits nicely in my shower container: I mentioned in my How to Zero Waste Your Bathroom post that I have an Ethique container that keeps my shampoo bars/soaps dry in the shower. I love that the bars from Ethique fit perfectly in this!
~Sustainable: This bar is package free, which is amazing for the planet. I also love that the box it comes in is compostable 💚
~Smells nice: Compared to the Jumping Juniper bar, it smells a bit more earthy - but it still smells really good!
~Larger than LUSH bars and more cost effective: The bar at LUSH was $10.95 for 1.9 oz, which is about $5.76 per ounce of product. Compared to that, the Heali Kiwi bar can be bought on Amazon for $16 for 110 grams (which is about 3.88 oz). This means that you are only paying $4.12 per ounce!

Heali Kiwi (left) compared to Jumping Juniper 

~Doesn't lather as well: I have found that this is a common problem with many organic and natural soaps so this isn't a big deal for me... Just make sure to wash your hair well if you want to avoid grease! 👍
~Seems like it won't last as long: Even though the product is larger than the bars at LUSH, it seems like it won't last as long. The soap is softer than the hard bars of LUSH, which makes it more susceptible to water. Just make sure to keep it out of water to make it last as long as possible!

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  1. I love that you did a comparison with Lush both in terms of price and the longevity of the product. These are both important aspects to consider!

  2. I have never tried shampoo like this before and honestly I didn't even know it existed. I would totally try it though, and it sounds like this one is a great value!

  3. We use head & shoulders and have bought it in great quantities. But I want to start Stocking up on a palm oil free shampoo .little by little .have plenti.for when I finish the head & shoulders


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