Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Birth Control: What is the Cervical Mucus Method?

Hey cupcakes! If you have been following my Natural Birth Control series, you will know that I use the Basal Body Temperature method to track my menstrual cycle. To use the BBT method (which you can read all about here!), I use the Femometer. 🌡 I have loved everything about my experience with this device, and I recently also started using the Cervical Mucus method alongside BBT. This method can also be tracked using the Femometer, so I wanted to write a post all about this other form of natural birth control. Let's jump right into it! 🙃

What is the Cervical Mucus Method?

The Cervical Mucus Method (also called the Billings Ovulation Method) is a natural form of birth control that focuses on the mucus patterns during the menstrual cycle. Now you might be thinking, ew gross mucus?! 🤢 But don't worry, every woman produces this mucus and it isn't gross at all (you probably have already seen it in your underwear at some point)! By looking at the mucus produced during your cycle, you can predict when ovulation is occuring. This is helpful if you are trying to get pregnant and also if you are trying to avoid a pregnancy.

What is the typical Cervical Mucus pattern?

When making your observations, you will usually see this pattern:

1. Period days - don't bother looking at any mucus haha
2. No cervical mucus/"dry days" 
3. Cloudy and sticky mucus 
4. Clear and wet mucus - When this mucus resembles egg whites and can be stretched between your fingers, ovulation is occuring!
5. No cervical mucus/"dry days"

How do you do the Cervical Mucus Method?

This part is so simple a cavewoman could do it! 👍 When you are about to use the bathroom each day, wipe with some toilet paper before doing your business. Then, observe what is on the paper! It is extremely helpful to also touch/stretch the mucus, looking for characteristics mentioned in the last section. Some people prefer to actually insert a finger to monitor their mucus, but I have found that the toilet paper method is easier. 😃

How can I track my CM with the Femometer?

On the home screen, there is a "CM" button:

That opens up a screen to add a mucus reading:

On your BBT chart, letters denoting the mucus will then show up! The Femometer platform takes these readings into consideration, making your predictions even more accurate.

What are the risks of using this method? 

1. User error - I will be honest with you all, sometimes Cervical Mucus all looks the same. But I think after I continue to practice this method, identification will get easier.

2. Unwanted pregnancy 👶 - I would suggest using some other form of birth control (condoms, etc.) with this method at first. I think it is an easy natural birth control method, but you need to get practice with it before trusting it 100%!

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  1. You always post about different methods I have never heard of! It's so helpful because honestly, sometimes I feel trapped in a way by other forms of birth control. Thank you for showing me that there are in fact, other alternatives to consider.


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