Friday, June 21, 2019

Review: Ethique Boost Hair Mask 🌸

Hey muffins! As the summer humidity starts to set in, my hair usually goes through a period of being extremely dry. This probably hasn't been helped by the fact that I have been doing some traveling recently and hotel air doesn't agree with the frizz of my hair either... To give my hair some pampering, I decided to try out a hair mask from Ethique. 😊 As their brand fits perfectly with my mission towards living low waste, I will be sharing my experience with this product today!

The hair mask that I decided to try was in the "flavor" Boost (you can find it on their website for $13.95 here!). I featured their other mask, Bloom, in my Sustainable Gift Guide for Mother's Day, but I figured a little boosting would be perfect for my hair right now. This product comes with two masks in a compostable box - wow, such a great way to reduce your waste!

Overall, I thought the mask was extremely easy to use. Just plop the adorable heart shaped product into a mug, pour 150 ml of boiling water over top, stir until smooth, and let it thicken for about 15 minutes. Then, apply to dry hair for 20+ minutes and rinse out in the shower. 👍

For me, the process was extremely easy; however, I found that 150 ml seemed like too much water. After only 15 minutes the mask was still a bit watery, but after letting it sit for longer it was fine to apply into my hair. Maybe the water was too hot? Or maybe I just added too much? I'd say shoot for about 130 ml 🙂

I think this hair mask did boost the shine of my hair, as it felt extremely soft after my shower. My hair tends to be on the greasier side, so I was glad that it didn't seem to make my hair appear like it had more oil in it. I am excited to use the second hair mask in this package, and I love that I am able to pamper myself while still reducing my waste! 😁 I would definitely recommend checking out Ethique's hair masks!

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  1. Love that it comes in a cute shape and is easy to use. Great tip about using less water! I always find things call for way more than they seem to need!


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