Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Confidence Guide for Your 1st Day of Work

Hey muffins! It is official - my summer internship started on Monday! 🎉 As I interned at the same company last summer, I felt a little less nervous about starting my first day of work. However, starting new jobs can be pretty stressful overall, so I wanted to share my biggest tips for acting (and feeling!) confident on the first day.

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I think the most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. Many companies start a bunch of new employees at the same time, which means that you usually aren't the only new person... But if you are the only one, every single new acquaintance that you meet will remember how they felt on the first day. Be confident that you were hired for a reason and that no one is hoping that you will fail. 😊

Arrive early the first day and look the part - enough said! I suggest also researching the company so that you know who the CEO is, what the cultural values are, etc.

When your supervisor or boss is explaining your tasks for the day/week, take some notes in a professional looking notebook so that you can reference it for later. The notebook I used last summer was super duper helpful, and I was able to look it over before starting my internship this year to review and remind myself what I would most likely be doing again. 👍

Going alongside this, make sure to ask all of your questions! Yes, even the ones that you don't think are important... Because they actually might be! If you don't know where the bathroom is on a certain floor, ask. If you aren't sure if you are doing your task correct, double check with someone. My only negative feedback last summer was that I didn't ask enough questions, which made my team members second guess if I would be able to figure things out on my own (which I did, but it just took me longer). Learn from me and just make sure that everything is crystal clear as it will help you feel more confident with your work!

Smile! Whether or not you like it, networking starts day one on the job... So smiling makes you look more confident. Plus, it is a proven fact that a smile makes you more approachable. This will help you meet more people who can help you out during your time at the company. Again, remember that you were hired for a reason - so embrace that confidence you have within yourself and SHINE! 😃 You got this, girl! 👌

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  1. What a wonderful post! It can be so scary and intimidating to start somewhere new. I hope your internship goes well!


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