Friday, July 19, 2019

The Weekender's Guide to Bar Harbor, ME 🦞

Hey muffins! As I mentioned in my rebranding post last month, I grew up on the East Coast. My family spent a lot of time vacationing along the ocean, and one of our favorite destinations was Maine. This state is absolutely gorgeous, and I always tell people that they need to visit at least once in their life. 😊 You all seemed to enjoy my Weekender Guides to Madison, WI and Fort Wayne, IN, so I decided to branch out and share my personal travel guide to Bar Harbor, Maine! 🦞 This town is the epitome of what Maine has to offer, so it is definitely worth its tourist reputation.

What To Do
1. Park Loop Road @ Acadia National Park: Acadia is typically what people think of when they are planning a trip to Maine, and this 27 mile loop hits all of the highlights. There are a bunch of different pullovers with amazing views, and you will definitely see some wildlife!

2. Shopping downtown: I have so many great memories shopping in the cute stores of the downtown. Some of my favorites include the Christmas Spirit Shop, Sherman's Maine Coast Book Shop, and Cool as a Moose.

3. Picnic at Agamont Park: This park is right next to the downtown and overlooks the ocean, so after some fun shopping take a break and enjoy the sights! 😊

Throwback to me at this park as a child

4. Bike or take a horse around the Carriage Roads: The bike paths are all paved, so it is doable for anyone! I personally loved taking a horse drawn carriage around the trails, but if you want to get in the exercise a bike will do the trick.

5. Visit Thunder Hole: This is a classic Maine tourist stop if you want to see the ocean at its finest. Be careful to not get too close to the railing, as the water has been known to pull people in!

6. Hike around Jordan Pond: There are so many trails in Acadia, but this is one of the easier ones. You basically just hike around a pond, so it is perfect for people of all ages.

What To Eat
1. Popovers at Jordan Pond House!: After hiking around the pond, take a break to eat some of Maine's finest popovers. These pancake/muffin/Dutch baby crossovers are absolutely delicious... Such a nostalgic treat for me now!

2. LOBSTER: Duh. You can get fresh lobster all over the place in Bar Harbor, but the most authentic restaurants with the freshest lobster will have huge steam pots out front.

3. CJ's Big Dipper Ice Cream: While it might be a small store, their ice cream is amazing. I remember as a kid getting a chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream that was about 80% cookie dough... And I still crave it to this day! 😃

Where to Stay
There are so many great places that you can stay at! First, the coast is lined with a bunch of different hotels and resorts at varying price points. If you are willing to drive in from further away, I am sure you will be able to find even better deals. Acadia and the surrounding area is packed full of campgrounds too if you want to embrace nature to its fullest. Lastly, it looks like Airbnb has a ton of cute cottages that can be rented out, which would be super nice if you are traveling with your family.

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