Monday, July 15, 2019

Tough Teeth Tooth Powder ft. Primal Pit Paste!

Hey muffins! After struggling to find a low waste deodorant a few months ago, I stumbled upon Primal Pit Paste and their amazing selection of sustainable products. I have talked about both their Wild Woods Natural Deodorant and Charcoal Whitening Tooth Powder in the past, so I am excited to share my thoughts on P3's Tough Teeth Tooth Powder with you all today! 😊

The first thing I obviously love about this product is that it comes in a glass jar. As I am on a journey towards being as sustainable as possible, this is a huge pro for me! The only negative I found about their packaging is that there is a band of plastic around the lid when it comes in the mail. 😕 While this makes it not fully "zero waste", the jar can be reused or recycled after the product is used up, making it way more Earth-friendly than other fully plastic toothpaste tubes.

I also love that there are only 7 ingredients in this tooth powder: Kaolin Clay, Bentonite Clay, Non-Aluminum Baking Soda, Organic Peppermint Essential Oil, Sea Salt, Myrrh Powder, Organic Spearmint Essential Oil. When I started making more sustainable choices last summer, I realized just how many chemicals and un-natural substances I was putting in/on my body. This powder definitely makes me feel good about avoiding those nasty things 😍

The powder is super easy to use, and the small jar will last me quite a long time! Compared to using toothpaste from a tube, there is a small learning curve to figuring out how to use a powdered toothpaste. Here is what works best for me:
1. Wet your toothbrush
2. Dip the brush into the jar until there is a generous layer of powder covering it
3. Brush your teeth as normal (making sure to leave the faucet OFF as you brush 💧)

I was quite surprised how clean my teeth feel after using this product! I am curious to see if my dentist says anything to me after my visit next month... (*Will update this post if she does or not!*) The only downside I have found is that it does have a salty mint flavor that was a bit off-putting at first. However, I got used to this flavor after only a few brushes and it doesn't bother me at all! 🙂

Overall, I have absolutely loved all the products I have used from Primal Pit Paste. This tooth powder is great, and I will definitely continue to use it. 🎉 What toothpaste are you currently using? Comment below and don't forget to follow Life of an Earth Muffin to never miss another post!


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*The Primal Pit Paste products were sent to me for free, but all opinions are my own. The link to P3's website is an affiliate link. 😊*

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  1. This tooth powder looks very interesting. I like idea and ingredients. I'm happy because I discover your blog and can't wait a new blog posts about sustainable products.


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