Wednesday, August 14, 2019

7 Things You DON'T Need From that College Packing List!

Hey muffins! Whether we like it or not, back to school season is upon us! It seems like everywhere I look there are advertisements for school supplies and lists for college packing. 🧳 As I have lots of experience packing for dorm/college life (and am currently in the process of packing for grad school!), I thought that I would share the things that you don't actually need from those college packing list... Let's jump right into it!

1. Coffee machine/Keurig - This might sound surprising but there is really no need to have your own personal coffee machine. ☕ First, the dining hall (and a million other places) have all your coffee needs covered. Second, you aren't going to wash your own mugs as often as you think. Third, you are going to forget to order more filters, K-cups, etc. While it might seem like a necessity, it definitely isn't (and I can guarantee there will be multiple people on your floor that will let you use their machines if necessary!).

2. Iron and ironing board - Do you really think college students iron their clothes? I'll let you in on a secret... They don't. If you are searching to iron that fancy shirt for an interview or something, most dorms have irons that you can check out.

3. Hole punch - Before my freshman year I went a little crazy on the school supplies... But you really only need the essentials! Any kind of library, study space, school building, etc. will have hole punches, staplers, paper clips, you name it. I do enjoy having my own stapler, but a hole punch just for your room is not necessary.

4. Foam mattress topper - College beds aren't actually as uncomfortable as people say they are. I survived without ever buying a topper for my bed, and I know my boyfriend stopped using his after a semester. So, you might want to not buy one until you actually get to try out your mattress!

5. TV - I think it is not worth it to have a TV in your dorm room. For one thing, there are TVs in a lot of the common areas which will allow you to make some new friends when watching The Bachelor or Food Network 😉 Plus, your room is going to be tiny which makes it difficult to arrange it in a way for both you and your roommate to have easy access to it. Lastly, you won't have a lot of time to watch TV anyway with studying, social events, etc. Embrace college life and don't spend it watching a screen!

6. USB drive - When writing this post I was looking at a bunch of college packing lists (including the one I wrote a few years ago). I thought it was funny that USB drives are included on most of them... Short and sweet: you won't need one.

7. Alarm clock - It is so much easier to ditch the alarm clock and just use your phone's alarm in college. I bought an alarm clock and only used it to display the time, so it was basically a waste of money.

What other things do you think aren't necessary on those college packing lists? Comment below and don't forget to follow Life of an Earth Muffin to never miss another post!


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  1. When I moved to London for university I arrived with literally what I could pack into 3 cases - which was not a lot. These packing lists can be so long and lead to unnecessary panic. Most of what I packed was clothes and a few bits I thought would be expensive to re-purchase. Everything else I learnt to do without - if I needed it that badly I would buy it! x

  2. These are really helpful (and practical) tips! Most people buy tons of stuff they actually won't end up using much or at all.


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