Friday, August 2, 2019

A Healthy, Plant-Based Grocery Haul!

Hey muffins! Recently I shared my tips and tricks for how you can "Zero Waste Your Kitchen", and I wanted to add on to that post by sharing my typical grocery store haul with you all today! I cannot believe how different my grocery shopping experience has become ever since I started my journey towards living zero waste, so I hope this post inspires some of you all to try and make your own shopping more sustainable. 😊

Bottles and Bulk Bins
*Half gallon of milk ($5) - This milk comes in a glass bottle that has a $2 deposit on it that is returned when you bring the glass bottle back. While it is pricier than a typical gallon of milk, I think it is worth it to support my local farmers!

*One dozen eggs (Not pictured, $0.99) - The eggs I purchased came in a recyclable cardboard container instead of those nasty Styrofoam ones that are way too common. 🤔

*Extra Firm Tofu (8 oz, $1.99) - While I haven't fully decided if I want to become a vegetarian, I haven't had meat in a couple of weeks... So tofu has been an essential! I prefer extra firm because you can bake it in the oven or fry it quite quickly.

*Basmati rice (1.15 pounds, $2.75) - My city only has one store with bulk bins. Even though it doesn't have everything I could want in bulk, it does carry the essentials. I bring my own bags with me (find out my other bulk bin tips here!) and then transfer my bulk goodies into mason jars when I get home. Jasmine and basmati are my favorite types of rice, and the basmati was on sale 😅

*Sesame sticks (0.64 pounds, $3.19) - I pack my own lunch for work and avoid all individually packaged snacks by buying from the bins! Along with sesame sticks I love to buy dried fruits as well.

*Nutritional yeast (0.23 pounds, $4.14) - Because I haven't been eating meat, I wanted to make sure I still got all the nutrients I need. I know a lot of vegetarians use nutritional yeast, so I picked some up!

*Jelly beans for the boyfriend (0.41 pounds, $3.69) - I normally avoid all bulk bin candy (as it tends to be much more expensive), but my boyfriend has been talking about how he was craving jelly beans for about a week... So I just had to treat him 😘

Fruit and Veg
*Bananas (6, $0.85) - Bananas are perfect for lunches and my favorite summer treat: frozen PB Banana Snacks!

*Vidalia onion ($0.69) - I always have a diced onion in my fridge to add extra flavor to dinners. 🙂

*Avocados (2, $1.99)

*Broccoli (1.36 pounds, $1.35) - Roasted broccoli in the summer is AMAZING. Enough said.

*Mangoes (2, $1) - I am not a huge fan of mango, but they were on sale.... 😂

*Yukon golden potatoes (3, $1.03) - I don't usually make a lot of potato dishes, but I want to try to bake them in the oven soon. Let me know your favorite potato recipes!

*Nectarines (4, $1.58) - Again, these are perfect for lunches or in some Greek yogurt. Yum! 🍑

Overall, I spent less than $30 on this healthy, plant-based grocery trip! I was able to avoid a lot of plastic and unnecessary packaging by utilizing the produce and bulk sections, and I highly recommend you all give that a try as well! 🥳 If you are interested in seeing more posts like this, let me know!

What are your must haves at the grocery store? Comment below and don't forget to follow Life of an Earth Muffin to never miss another post!


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