Wednesday, October 9, 2019

A Grad Student Bedroom Tour! 🎉

Hey earth muffins! After moving into my apartment over a month ago, I thought it was time to share a bedroom tour! 😁 You might recognize some similarities between the studio apartment tour I did a couple of summers ago, but I have definitely made this space my own... Enjoy!

An image of a bed with a navy bedspread on it, a gallery of colorful pictures hang on the white wall

My apartment is a two bedroom, and my room is the one attached to the fire escape, which means I get an extra door haha. When you walk in, I have my bed facing the window and there is a direct view of my mini gallery wall. 😍

A photo of a gallery wall in a grad student apartment bedroom, including framed pictures

I absolutely LOVE how my gallery wall turned out. Here is where I got everything:

White succulent painting - A home store a few years ago
Two black postcard displays - Made myself; check out my DIY post if you are interested! 
Boy in raincoat painting - Thrift store for $1 (see the full haul here)
Clay sun - Made by my boyfriend in middle school 😂 I thought it fit well here haha
Wooden frame with succulent image - Frame from a thrift store for $1, printed out the succulent picture using a normal printer

A photo of a grad student desk in an apartment

I placed my desk under my window so that I can embrace at least a little nature when I am doing my studying 🙄 I got this desk secondhand and will be reselling/donating it at the end of the year! I might do a detailed "What's on My Desk" post in the future, but it basically has my makeshift vanity supplies, Arvin 1967 radio, and Himalayan salt lamp on it right now. 

An image of a graduate student closet, with dirty laundry in a basket on the floor and clothes on hangers

My closet is actually HUGE for a college apartment, and I absolutely love it! I have plenty of space for all of my clothes, and keep socks, bras, etc. in navy storage bins I got for FREE last year from someone who didn't want them anymore. 😍 Super nifty so I don't need to waste any space with a dresser! You can also peep my Femometer under my mattress in this picture (which I have written many posts about!), as it is a great place to store it so that I can easily take my temperature every morning. 

And that's about it! What do you think of my grad student bedroom? Comment below and don't forget to follow Life of an Earth Muffin to never miss another post!


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  1. Looks cozy! I would love to see what's on your desk. I love to see what people have on their desks. ♥


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