Wednesday, October 2, 2019

🍂 A (Sustainable!) Fall Bucket List 🍁

Hey muffins! I am SO happy that the fall weather is finally here! Fall is my favorite season, so I already have a long list of activities that I want to do. If you need any help planning out your own fall festivities, never fear - this list is for you! It contains some of the best autumn activities, that are still sustainable and won't hurt the planet. 😀

an image with pictures of things from the fall like leaves, pumpkins, and orange with with words it's fall y'all in the middle

1. Go apple picking! Supporting your local farmers is always a good thing, and I love picking my own apples because I am able to bring my own bags and create no waste. 🍎 Plus, apples taste so much better when then are fresh from the tree.

2. Have a pumpkin carving party with friends! If you want, this could be turned into a competition... Also challenge yourself to turn the "guts" into pumpkin puree, roast all of the seeds, and compost the rest!

3. Bake some goodies for treat-or-treaters! There are a bunch of alternatives to giving away candy on Halloween (I wrote a whole post about it last year), and my personal favorite is to get creative with some baking.

4. Compost your leaves (but JUMP IN THEM FIRST)! Leaves are great for compost bins, so clean up your own yard, the yard of your neighbor, etc.

gif of snoopy blowing a leaf into a pile next to Charlie Brown

5. Make some Halloween cards for kids at your local children's hospital using craft supplies you have around the house! Hand deliver them if you can to save on the carbon effects of postage.

6. Catch a leaf before it hits the ground! My family has always said that if you are able to catch a falling leaf, you get to make a wish... It isn't as easy to do as you'd think, but it is super fun to try! 😋

7. Invite friends over for a fall clothing swap! As you switch out your closet from summer to fall, try on all of your fall clothes to see if you don't like some anymore... Then swap around looks to re-invent your wardrobe without spending any money!

8. Have a fall-themed movie marathon! Some of my favorite fall movies (that can be rented for only $3.99!) are:

a collage of four fall movies including Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown, Beetlejuice, and Ichabod Crane

What are your favorite things to do in the fall? Comment below and don't forget to follow Life of an Earth Muffin to never miss another post!


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