Wednesday, November 20, 2019

He Peed Where?! 😱 A Greyhound Bus Storytime

Hey earth muffins! As I mentioned in my post on Monday, I have spent many years with my boyfriend doing long distance. When writing that post, I was thinking about all of the interesting things that have happened through that time... And this story came to mind. The last storytime I wrote was all the way back in August (when I shared how they pronounced my name wrong at graduation), so I figured it was time to share another story with you all! 😊 Let's jump right in!

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Now before I had a car on campus, one of the ways I would go visit my boyfriend was by taking a Greyhound bus. These buses have quite the reputation... And it is honestly for good reason. I have seen some pretty strange things and people on my bus rides. 🙃

On this particular instance, I was headed back to campus on Sunday. There was a bus leaving at around 11:30 in the morning and then another leaving around dinner time, so I figured I would take the early bus to make sure I got home at a reasonable hour.

After saying goodbye to my boyfriend, I walked into the bus station a good 30 minutes early before my bus was scheduled to arrive. As there weren't many buses leaving at this time, the station was quite empty, so I took a seat next to an outlet and started scrolling through Pinterest (a good time waster if you ask me!). Right across from me there was a young man who also was waiting for the same bus as me.

The quiet of the station was abruptly disturbed by the mumbles (more like yelled mumbles) of a man walking haphazardly to the area where I was seated. He was clearly very very drunk.

He stumbled over and (thank goodness!) sat in the chair directly next to the poor young man across from me, which was funny because there were a bunch of empty seats all over the place but he just had to sit as close to that poor guy's bubble as possible. He continued to mumble things to himself, and I did my best to not look his way as it definitely looked like he was homeless.

After a few minutes I looked over at him and noticed a puddle was forming on the floor under the wire seat... He was literally wetting himself in broad daylight with no care in the world. 

As soon as the young man noticed what was going on he jumped up (rightfully so) and came over to where I was sitting. Clearly there was something up with this drunk dude because no sooner had he finished his business a security guard came up to him and escorted him (and his extremely wet pants) out of the station. 😬 What an experience to witness; what a time to be alive.

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